PHYX Color

Award-winning color tools and simulated vintage film processes.

PHYX Color is an award-winning collection of 9 powerful plugins to create unique looks and simulate vintage film processes to bring your projects to the next level. GPU accelerated for speed and precision. Features and benefits:

  • LookLab brings powerful controls over color and light. Get the look you want quickly.
  • Simulate film-like grain with light controls. Get the vintage 'feel' with control over tone.
  • Simulate Bleach Bypass and Technicolor film processes. Get vintage looks with ease.
  • Glow 'dark' areas of the image. Helps 3D generated images blend-in with live-action.
  • And more !

    Get powerful control over color today! See plugin descriptions below for more details.


    In the end, PHYX Color might seem so simple and basic that you would easily dismiss it as not being good because of that, but I have to say that I was very impressed with the results from these simple and powerful plug-ins."
    Kevin McAuliffe - ProVideoCoalition

    "For wild and vivid effects, PHYX can be a useful tool in the editor’s kit. For quick adjustments to enhance realistic images, PHYX can be a great time saver."
    Peter Bohush - NewEnglandFilm

    See TESTIMONIALS below for more.


    Apple Final Cut Pro (7 and 10), Apple Motion (4 and 5)
    Adobe After Effects (CS 5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC), Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6 and CC).
    Apple Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.11


    GPU Accelerated. Optimized for speed and precision.


    This process was developed in the late 1950’s to reduce saturation and latitude. It has been used in; ‘Seven’, ‘Fight Club’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘300’, ‘Stealing Beauty’, and many others.


    Creates a film-like grain pattern based on Perlin noise, a high-quality algorithm for generating noise patterns. Controls include light balance, for creating various looks easliy.


    GlowDark adds unique diffusion to dark areas of images. It can add 'glow' darker areas of 3D generated imagery to make renders look ‘more real’. Glow Dark can also remove 'harshness' from DSLR footage.


    Gradient Designer is a powerful tool for simulating photographic Gradient 'grad' filters of any width, vertical or horizontal. Specify exactly where you want the gradient to be centered.


    NEW LookLab gives you complete control to correct: Color Temperature, White Balance, Color Tint, Gamma, Levels, and more. A multitude of built-in presets give you epic, cutting-edge looks right-away.


    Create monochromatic images by using a single color to re-map luminence, by extracting Luma from Y'Cr'Cb, or use 'Maximum Component' to use the brightest value available in your footage.


    SelectiveSat allows you to precisely sample a color and control its saturation. Selective Saturation is perfect for precisely isolating and controlling single colors, and gives you control to isolate colors quickly and easily.


    Powerfully shift or suppress any color in an any image. The amount of shift and suppression is fully controllable, so you get the results you are looking for quickly. Create ‘color gels’ and filters to create interesting looks with ease !


    This processor simulates the Technicolor 2-strip process first introducedin 1917. Technicolor processes were made extremely popular through films such as; ‘Gone With the Wind’, ‘Ben-Hur’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, and many others.

    Bill Stiteler - AppleTell

    "Think of PHYX Color as box of anti-crayons. Though it’s possible to boost the saturation of colors with Shift, most of them are focused on isolating and and toning them down, and at that it excels. I found myself turning the effects on and off, astonished at how the subtleties of saturization affected the mood—scenes set in well-lit coffee shops now took on a threatening air. It’s a great set of tools for isolating, blowing out the white, or suppressing color—not for sending your characters off down the Yellow Brick Road, but running through a dark alley, their shadowy enemies nipping at their heels."

    J.R. Bookwalter - CreativePlanet

    "it doesn’t take much effort to create exactly the look you want, and once you have a look you like, you can easily save and recall it again later. If you find yourself often in need of subtle or even dramatic color changes to the look of your video, PHYX Color is $99 well spent and it will continue to reward you with its ease of use and powerful adjustments for years to come."

    Michael Hanish - TVTechnology

    "Very few parameters, in the case of these Phyx plug-ins, means they are quite painless and fast to operate. The results are easily excellent, and the price is very reasonable."


    9 powerful plugins to create unique looks and simulate vintage film processes.
    Regular price $99. Special offer 50% off.